Choosing Between Slab or Prehung Exterior Entry Doors in Philadelphia PA

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Doors And Windows


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Your exterior entry Doors Philadelphia PA are an integral part of your home’s security system. These movable structures also help insulate your home and can enhance the exterior of your home. When you need to install new exterior entry doors, you can choose between slab doors and pre-hung doors. Use the following guidelines to help you select wisely.

A prehung door is an independent unit. This self-contained structure is comprised of the door slab, the frame, and the hinges. You can open and close a prehung door before it’s installed into your home. This type of door is often more expensive and heavier than a slab door. You can use this door when you want the existing door frame to be removed. If the door frame you have is defective and beyond repair, you may want to use a prehung door. During home renovations, prehung doors are often easier to use.

Since these Doors Philadelphia PA are manufactured using precise machinery, they are already tight-fitting. On an exterior door, it’s preferable to have as little space as possible between the vertical edge of the door and the door jam for security purposes. When using a prehung door, you will need to perform work such as painting and drywall to securely insert the prehung door.

A slab door is simply a rectangular piece of wood, steel, or composite material. This structure is not attached to a frame or have hinges on it. It also does not have cuts for a lock and key set. If you are on a budget, a slab door is a reasonable choice. You can use this structure if you are proficient with woodworking and carpentry. You can whittle on the door to fashion a design you prefer. A slab door is lighter than a prehung door. You should be able to maneuver this door by yourself.

Choosing between prehung and slab exterior doors will take some consideration. The one you choose can enhance your home’s security system and add to the aesthetic value of your home. For more information on door services, please contact an expert like the ones at Steel Doors Inc.

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