Are You Looking for Termite Removal in Annapolis?

Termites are small insects, but they can cause big problems. Every year, many people need Termite Removal in Annapolis to protect their property from the damage termites bring. Termites like to eat wood, and since houses tend to be mostly made of wood, a house is like a cafeteria to a termite colony. Once termites pick a house to serve as their colony’s restaurant, they can chew through floors, walls, and any other wood that provides them with nourishment. The cost to repair termite damage can be significant, so it’s important to deal with termites as soon as they settle onto a property, to stop them before their feasting starts.

What are signs of termites?
One of the most common signs of termites is a lot of discarded little insect wings near a house. Once termites pick a house to live in, they remove their wings. Another common sign is mud tubes. Termites build thin mud tubes next to wherever they are getting food. Perhaps the easiest to identify the sign of termites is wood damage, where termites have begun chewing the wood. When any of these signs is noticed, it’s time to call in a pest control expert to get rid of the colony of termites.

What are ways to prevent termites?
Because termites are drawn to wood, any boards or firewood should be stored well away from a home. Tree stumps, fallen branches, and other dead wood should be removed from the yard. Anything that causes moisture next to the house, such as a poorly-draining air conditioner unit, should be fixed. Also, seek to cut off any entryway into a house, such as by filling in the cracks in a home’s foundation. After all this is done, closely monitor all the wood around the house, so that if termites still show up, a pest control service can come and deal with the problem.

What is the best way to get rid of termites?
The most effective way to bring an end to a termite infestation is to contact a pest control service. They have a variety of proven methods to exterminate termites, and can choose the best treatment options for any situation. Whenever there’s a need for Termite Removal in Annapolis, head to us to find solutions.

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