All About Underground Sprinklers in Battle Creek

by | Nov 10, 2012 | Landscaping Outdoor Decorating


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There are many different sprinkler systems that you can have installed in your lawn or garden, but did you know that underground sprinklers are available in Battle Creek? It’s true, and getting them put in your yard could totally change the look of your yard and how you deal with lawn and gardening needs.

Overall and at a basic level, irrigation is used to bring water to areas that need it. Underground sprinklers are a specific type of irrigation system. These systems go underneath your yard, taking the water directly to the root of your plants, which also saves money and conserves water. Since the system is buried underground, you won’t see the pipes or other watering devices; they are under the dirt and make your lawn look perfect without unsightly sprinklers sticking out and taking up space.

It is typical for irrigation systems to have an electric or hydraulic device that will help the system to be turned on and off. The yard is broken into zones and these zones are controlled by a device or valve making it easy to start or stop the flow of water.

An underground sprinkler system is turned on and off by a solenoid activation process. The solenoid is on top of a magnetic valve and each valve in your yard is connected to one of the yard zones. When the solenoid is activated a plunger is lifted and air escapes through the center of the valve. This allows water to flow through the system.

The water flows in, moving downstream through pipes that are most often made from PVC. The pipes are close to the top of the ground and set at areas that are measured and spaced out during the installation process. They will spray water in a specific process and a slow and steady stream is released dependent on what types of plants are in each of the zones.

Of course, underground sprinklers are just one type that you can have at your home in Battle Creek. Some of the other systems that you might see are impact sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, and drip systems. In order to determine which style is best for your yard and your needs you should reach out to a company that will offer you a free consultation and give you a clear direction for your yard.


It is important to have a professional help you with your underground sprinklers. The people who work at Sanderson and DeHaan are well known for their high standards of customer service. They have been in the industry for over twenty years and can help you to create the perfect yard with underground sprinklers in Battle Creek.



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