About Porcelain Tile in Fairfax

About Porcelain Tile in Fairfax

Deciding on the type of tiling to use when you decide to redesign your bathroom can be somewhat challenging. There are lots of different tiles available, including porcelain. Porcelain has been around for hundreds of years, and today’s modern porcelain tiles have been developed to be suitable for flooring purposes. It is extremely versatile in terms of colors and patterns, and can really liven up the look of your bathroom. As well, it can be used in other rooms of your home if you so desire.

Porcelain tiles are surprisingly strong and resistant to damage. They do not absorb or retain water, which can cause cracking in other types of tile, and they are very difficult to chip or crack due to their hardness. It’s also very easy to keep clean and generally just requires a quick wipe down to remove any surface dirtiness. Porcelain also does not stain easily, and does not require any waxing or polishing. Maintenance of this type of tile is simply very easy.

When color is used in porcelain tiles, it runs through the entire width of the tile itself. Other tiles, such as ceramic, only have the coloring applied on the top, so if it become chipped, it will change the appearance of the tile. On the off chance that a porcelain tile becomes chipped, the appearance will not change as the coloration will still be there.

It’s attractive. That is the easiest way to sum up the appearance of porcelain tile. It will never dull and will continuously give your bathroom, or any other room, an upscale look. And given its strength and superior durability, it will be some time before any of it will need to be replaced, barring some sort of accident that causes damage. Other types of tiles will begin to chip or crack and generally look bad over time, but this won’t happen if you select porcelain tile.

It’s not just for flooring. Porcelain tile in Fairfax can be used on counter tops and walls, as well as for back splashes for sinks, and can even be used outside for porches and patios. It will stand up well to a range of temperatures, including those that are well below freezing. It’s fire resistant as well, so if you happen to drop something like a lit cigarette on it, it will not burn the surface, even if left to sit for a period of time. If used in the kitchen, extremely hot things that may spill from your stove will also not damage porcelain tiles. Burning things or extremely hot items also will not warp, distort, or melt porcelain tile in any way.

So when you’re ready to retile your bathroom, or any other room, give porcelain a shot!