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by | Sep 3, 2012 | Flooring


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Aside from your usual nails and wax, there’s the practical ceramic tile adhesive products which comes in more convenient and basic kinds that you can choose from. That’s good news considering all you have to do is slather and stick the tile into your floor plan. There are mastics and the thin set mortars. Each maker company of the types comes in different varieties as well, so you have many choices to pick from. Basically, when you’re trying your hand at installing a ceramic tile or tiles on an already concrete floor, you should always have a concrete based material as adhesive in order to get the best out of your hard work and effort. As for wood flooring tasks and applications, you can also resort to epoxy or a safer, greener organic adhesive for more convenience.

Starting with thin set mortars, these products are made up of a base, usually powdery in texture made out of methylcellulose, sand, and a quarter of cement. Usually, these so-called mortars may be enhanced with latex modifiers or at times with acrylic. Other people will provide utmost water resistance or an even faster time for drying. Other brands may promote optimum adhesive bonding for more market appeal. For newbies, you may have to look for Ceramic adhesives in Mechanicsburg or in your local hardware store that has a higher water resistance formula especially when you need to install tiles in your kitchen or in the bathroom.

These materials make up for a stronger bond performance which is most of the time very flexible compared to other leading pre-mix brands in the market. As for thin set adhesives, these materials are sturdy and reliable which will be able to support the prescribed weight for flooring uses. You don’t have to worry about available colors because they come in shades of white and grey. More often than not, these thin set mortars should be diluted with water or another acrylic mixture if needed. Take for instance, dusk masks, they could be utilized when you have to work with powders. Just try and add the needed amount of water into a big mixing bowl or bucket and then dash some of the powder to minimize dust.

As for mastics, these are otherwise called organic adhesives as well. They are available in Ceramic distributors in Mechanicsburg or your local stores. This material is most of the time, premixed and is also available in Type 1 and Type 2 varieties. For Type 1, this one’s used for floors and most walls. There’s the Type 2 adhesive that can just be used in areas which are not so prone to constant wetness or moisture. Wall tiles are ideal areas as well to use these pre-mixed adhesive products. That’s because you can be assured of a quicker and stronger bond to hold tiles well in place.

Keep in mind that when you’re shopping for the perfect ceramic tile adhesive for your precious fixtures, be sure to check the label with extra care and be sure that whatever you’re working with is the correct kind for whatever serves its purpose.



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