3 Tips to Find the Right Painting Contractors

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Painting Services


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A reliable painting contractor needs to have attention to detail. Painting a house is a lot of work, but if each stroke of the brush is done perfectly, the results will be amazing. You need to look for a painting contractor that plans everything from start to finish perfectly and that comes from experience. It is also a great help if each project is managed by an owner and executed by people who love what they do and are good at doing it. With that said, when looking for painting contractors in Bellevue WA, keep these tips in mind when considering companies close to the area.

Make Sure the Painting Contractor Can Give You Good Value for Your Money

Some painting companies are only in it for a quick buck. Find a contractor that has experience and offers assurance through warranty. Make sure the contractor is willing to give you full information on the project of what is going to happen from start to finish and that they use only quality materials for painting and have experienced painters. Though Rite Painting may not offer the lowest prices, they stand for the value they give for your money when it comes to house painting

Make Sure the Contractor Offers Quality Service

When looking for painting contractors in Bellevue WA, check on what their customers think about them. They should be able to give detailed estimates in a timely manner, do work with attention to detail, finish on time and clean up well. You can read testimonials that describe these on their respective websites. It would be great if they provide a color selection as well because most contractors don’t include it or charge extra for it.

Research the Company’s Credibility

How can you trust a painting contractor? The answer lies in their credibility so you must take a look at their awards and associations. Rite Painting is a member of Builtgreen as a painting contractor, the company is also a member of Painting and Decorators of America which is a group of painting contractors committed to having quality reliable organizations and the company is also a member of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. which is an organization designed to help contractors create safe working environments. This company can be contacted at 206-229-8313.

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