Visit Laminates Suppliers Events, and Learn the Latest Innovations in Woodworking

We organize woodworking and furnishing shows each year for entrepreneurs, eager consumers, and woodworking connoisseurs alike. For years, the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) has been dedicated to displaying cutting-edge technologies, products and expertise in the industry. Some people question the value and purpose of woodworking shows, including laminates suppliers events. At each show, you will have the amazing opportunity to meet laminates suppliers, while viewing their products up close, discovering how they work, etc. You will even have the chance to learn about newly invented products in the industry. Come to these events and catapult your business to success. Read below to discover exactly what you can find at one of our laminates suppliers shows.

What’s New?

Many people attend these shows to get a cutting-edge, up close look at the newest innovations and products. When you come to our events, you may see a number of companies demonstrating the latest laminating technology and tools. Our guided expertise can mold you into a more competent business person, imparting you more leverage in the industry.

If you come here as a novice in lamination, you will leave more educated than when you arrived. Why? Because you will do more than simply browse the lamination supplies and exhibits. You will have the chance to participate in expert-led courses and sessions, delivered especially to you by the brightest minds in woodworking.

Discover the Benefits of Lamination

Upon visiting one of our laminator suppliers events, you will discover something new about laminated wood and flooring. You will acquire a keener knowledge of laminated floors and what they have to offer. Did you know that laminate flooring can visually project the same patterns as many types of natural hardwood floors? Lamination can be used in such exciting ways, and you can learn about the latest design technology if you come to a show.

The best way to maintain your laminate flooring is to take the right precautions. When you attend our laminates suppliers events, you go home with more maintenance tips than you came with. You may learn about the process of acclimating laminate materials to a particular environment. Furthermore, you might even develop a better means of maintaining the integrity of your laminate materials. For instance, laminate flooring has a tendency to expand in certain conditions, but an expert at one of our shows can help you get around this.

There are many ways in which you can install and utilize laminate material to bolster your business or home environment. Better yet, technology is evolving each day, and only expert minds can give you the innovative tips needed to maximize your laminate installation. AWFS lines up the best experts in the industry to feed your lamination needs.

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