The Difference between Residential Locksmith and Commercial or Emergency Locksmith

The Difference between Residential Locksmith and Commercial or Emergency Locksmith

A locksmith is someone who can install and maintain a variety of different locks. Sometimes they pick or bump locks and other times they bypass and take lock impressions. There are many different types of locksmiths on the market and it is important to understand the differences in case you have need of a locksmith in the future.

Residential Locksmith Professionals
A residential locksmith is someone who services homes on a regular basis. The residential locksmith might also visit apartments or condos in order to service customers who need security help with locks or other systems. The duties involved include changing locks, making new keys compatible to old locks, installing and maintaining home security and variety of other tasks. A residential locksmith will provide a variety of locks and systems to any home in order to best meet that particular customer’s needs.

Commercial Locksmith Professionals
A commercial locksmith provides locks and systems to businesses like office buildings and even schools. They will see to the needs of the business as a whole as well as to the individual employees by developing security options and solution that work well for that facility. Each building might have its own issues like exclusive areas of access, after hour safety concerns, and even employee admittance problems so the commercial locksmith will have to think of every detail. A commercial locksmith will develop security systems for businesses and install locking systems, key card readers, or a number of other things.

Industrial Locksmith Professionals
An industrial locksmith will help large manufacturers with their locking systems for their facilities and industrial areas. They will help with security solutions for factories and warehouses and install locks on trucks, entrances, garage doors, forklifts and other such items. They will even help secure filing cabinets and other things that large buildings need to keep secure.

Emergency Locksmith Professionals
There are also locksmith companies that specialize in emergency services by offering 24-hour access to customers who might have an emergency. They help customers who are locked out of their cars or homes and they keep lock removal and key cutting tools on hand at all times. They often respond quickly and help in emergency situations with a range of lock manipulation tools.

If you need a locksmith of any kind, check with your local companies and see which part of the industry they specialize in, if any. Some companies do a little bit of everything while others offer specialties as a residential locksmith and emergency locksmith. When you need a locksmith, you want to make sure you hire the right type for the issue you have at hand so you do not waste any time or money on someone who cannot or will not help you.



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