Needing Raccoon Removal In Westerville, OH

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Animal Removal


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Forests are constantly being cut down to build homes. Consequently, animals that live in the woods have nowhere to go. They roam and often find nesting places in nearby homes. Unfortunately, they do not make the best neighbors because they carry disease and bacteria.

Keep Animals From Invading Your Home

Raccoons like to explore yards and look for food sources. Homeowners need to make sure the garbage and compost heap are covered. Also, outside pet dishes can attract wild animals. It will not be long before the raccoons find a crack that allows them into the home.

Raccoons Are Very Destructive

Raccoons like to find warm secluded areas like basements and attics. Eventually, they will wreak havoc on the home. They like to chew on wires and wood. Stripping electrical wires is very dangerous and can result in a fire. Many homeowners fail to realize they have a problem until they start hearing noises in the walls.

Additionally, raccoons burrow through insulation and other materials. Nonetheless, it is advisable not to approach the animals as they can carry bacteria and disease. The homeowner needs professional Raccoon removal in Westerville OH.

Dangerous Bacteria

A specialist in Raccoon removal in Westerville OH should be called at first sight of droppings. The droppings can contain thousands of roundworm eggs which can be transmitted to humans and other animals.

The experts must take special precautions to get rid of droppings. They wear masks, gloves, and boots when treating an area. Further, contaminated materials are burned or taken to a landfill. Moreover, raccoons can carry rabies.

Trapping The Animals

A Professional Wildlife Control Company uses live cage traps to snare raccoons. They want to get rid of the critters humanely. The cages are made with a trip pan in the back. Food is placed inside to lure the animal in. When they step on the trip pan, a spring shuts the door.

Professionals say raccoons can do thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short time. Additionally, their scent may attract more raccoons. Anyone who suspects a problem should seek professional attention right away. Talk to the experts about sealing any cracks in the exterior of the home.

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