Get a Quality Roof Replacement Using an Experienced Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio

Get a Quality Roof Replacement Using an Experienced Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio

The roof of a home is often the most ignored aspect of its exterior even though it is one of the most important facets of the building. For instance, many people don’t realize that an ugly, aging roof can affect the resale value of the property. One reason for this is that an aging roof can add years to the way the home looks making it appear unkempt and rundown. An experienced Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio can help by providing a variety of options for the roof replacement. These include stamped steel, fiber-cement tiles, composite shingles and laminated shingles.

Steel is rapidly making headway in the roofing market, and this may be due to the extended warranty that this roofing option provides. Most steel roofs last for decades, and many manufacturers warrant this roofing solution for fifty years or longer. There are several types of steel roofing, but one of the better options is stamped steel because it provides quick installation and durable coverage. Stamped steel comes in a variety of patterns so it can be installed in almost any home. For example, steel roofing can simulate the look of Mediterranean tiles, wood shake or the typical asphalt roof. Steel roofing can also be installed over certain existing roofs; it just requires that the Roofing Company in Grove City Ohio place battens on the roof to anchor the steel in place.

Of course, not all roofs require shingles. One example is the flat or low-sloped roof. This roofing solution typically uses the BUR (built-up roofing) method for quick and easy protection. BUR is a simple system that begins with a membrane, typically roofing felt or tar paper, placed over the decking. The next layer will be a coating of asphalt, and the process may be repeated if the structure requires the extra durability. Once the asphalt is in place, the roofer will cover the installation with a layer of aggregate.

If BUR is not the solution for the building in question, then there are other possibilities. The most common of these are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). These are two polymer products that provide exceptional protection without the problems that BUR may develop. Another possibility is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) which is a synthetic rubber membrane. The only real issue with EPDM is the possibility of shrinkage.

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