What Materials Create Fire Resistant Doors in Avalon, NJ?

A fire door is one that has been designed and rated to resist fires. Typically, these doors are classified by how fire-resistant they are. Also, they’re classified by how long they will protect you from a fire. For example, a door might be classified as a “20-minute fire door,” which means that it will not burn all the way through for twenty minutes in a typical house fire. Twenty minutes could make a significant world of difference. So, what are fire resistant doors made from?

Metal Doors

The highest rated doors are typically made from metal. Of the metals, steel is the most fire-resistant. It has a very high melting point that most house fires will never even approach. A steel fire door will get quite hot in some cases, but it won’t burn through. There are some doors that are simply hollow layers of steel. Others have insulation packed into them to reduce the heat passing through them. There are also aluminum fire resistant doors in Avalon, NJ. They don’t block heat quite as well, but they’ll serve to protect you from fires.

A fire door should also have fire rated glass if the door has a window. The fire glass is made of reflective materials that reflect back heat. Some of them reflect back as much as 90% of a fire’s heat, which will keep the window from breaking in the heat and keeps you safe from the fire. South Jersey Glass & Door Co can supply you with different types of doors and glass for fires.

Wooden Doors

There are wooden fire resistant doors. They’re not nearly as effective as metal doors, but they are attractive and don’t look necessarily like fire doors. Typically, they’re made with a fire-resistant core. These are the doors most likely to be rated for 15 or 20 minutes.

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